Sunday, August 7, 2011

iheartlakorns down

Am not having the greatest week:

1. was hacked

2. My car broke down! Has been out of commission for the past 2 weeks. I got the car back earlier this week and there were still problems. Smoke, not being able to turn on the engine. I should buy a new car, but considering the economy, maybe not. I have been driving my Dad's Nissan Titan around. Imagine this, I'm 5 ft tall (yes I'm a shorty) and I'm driving a 2006 white Nissan Titan. I'm not complaining, it's just overwhelming at times considering my size. Big car, short girl.

3. Almost got a ticket for speeding on Wednesday, thankfully the officer gave me a warning. I was terrified and nearly peed my pants like Namfon in Flames of Arrogance.

4. And to top it all off, my grandmother who lives with us is in the hospital. Not to worry, they will probably upgrade her meds and she will be released on Monday. Hopefully.

It's pretty shitty right now, but you know what, everything will be okay.

1. Tina will fix my blog, it will probably be up and running soon.

2. My car will be fix or my cheap ass can purchase a new car. At least, I have a spare car to drive around.

3. I could have gotten the ticket, but I didn't. I could have gotten another point on my record and face a license suspension, but I didn't.

4. My grandmother will make it, she always does. When I visited her last, she looked good. We have been through this several times now, I have accepted all the possible outcomes.

Life sucks sometimes, but I rather be breathing and feeling than being six feet under or in an urn at some Buddhist temple.

This is all better than Howard Wang, who was arrested for 5.5 gram of pot possession and a bong at his resident earlier this week. First he said the bong was his and then he said he was keeping it for a friend. Howard did admit in the past he smoked pot and later in the week, he held a press conference to discuss the drug charges against him.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nichkhun has arrive! Thailand, I mean. I'm still adjusting to blogging at blogspot. There certain features I don't like and find inconvenient. Then there are some features, I absolutely adore--I can keep my adsense working as is down. I miss it already.

Back to Nichkhun, he arrives to Bangkok today or maybe a few hours ago. He was greeted by the crazy media, his mother, and younger sister Yanin. Sucks to be him, I can tell by his face he wasn't in the mood to be bombarded with his picture taken and the media. Because he is a professional, he put on a smile. JYP has taught you well Nichkhun.

9 Entertain Interview at the airport:
Newswoman: Our fresh face young man, Nichkhun Horvejkul, who has gone Inter(meaning internationally recognize) in Korea in the group 2PM has return early to Thailand to practice for Christina Aguilar and Mai's concert, "Mai-Tina Beauty On The Beat" coming up this Saturday.

Nichkhun:P'Mai and P'Tina are celebrities I have known since I was young and they are celebrities who are very capable. They are great singers...when I heard I was going to perform a concert with them, I was very excited! I felt very happy and also very honored that they have invited me.

Reporter:Have you talked to P'Mai or P'Tina yet?

Nichkhun:"Today, I have just arrived. I have been practicing on my own and will be using my own music. I have arrive to day and I must go practice with them also.

Reporter:What have you brought for us?--Meaning what will you be performing?

Nichkhun playfully: It's a secret, you have to see it for yourself.

Watch the craziness at Youtube

Buying a ice coffee at Starbucks, looks yummie! I love the face he made, he looked pissed off. He is probably thinking, "come on guys, let me buy a ice coffee in peace." Or maybe I'm just thinking too much. Maybe he likes it.

I want some ice-coffee!

Giving a respectable "wai" to all the media heads. Interview time!

With his mother and younger sister Yanin.

I recognize Ch3, Ch7, TV.Pool, Grammy's new Green Channel, Rakdara, True, Mcot, nearly all of the major Thai media outlets were there. He is loved.

The phone interview for EFM radio:

Credit : K'Pat

Nichkhun gave a telephone interview to EFM radio program in Bangkok on Thursday after a rehearsal for the upcoming concert. This is a summary of the interview.

(**Khunnie is lovely and polite as always.)

DJs: Have you had any break after landing?
Khun: Not really.

DJs: Apart from being a special guest for the concert “TINA-MAI BEAUTY ON THE BEAT CONCERT”, what are your activities planned in Thailand during this trip?
Khun: I will have a photo shooting for a magazine cover, meeting with fans and etc.

DJs: Do you still have a busy time with your band 2PM in Korea at the moment? Is it difficult to arrange the schedules to leave to Thailand?
Khun: Yes, our schedule is quite tight after we released the second mini album, so I leave my team 5-6 days for this trip.

DJs: We have watched 2PM latest MV Again & Again. It shows a great dance composition. Who is the choreographer for this song?
Khun: There are both American and Korean choreographers to help us. Actually, the dance is composted of easy moves but very emotional.

DJs: How about the atmosphere at the airport? Was there a lot of fans welcome you there?
Khun: Yes, I’m surprised; there were many fans and media waiting for me there.

DJs: How do you feel to be on stage as a guest of this concert?
Khun: Yes, I’m excited and honored but I’m not so confident on how good my performance will be. I also prepared a Korean song for this show.

DJs: What is the response of 2PM’s latest single?
Khun: We’ve got a good response, nearly twice times up from the first album because we can see from the number of fans in fan meeting events.

Khun left a message for people who would go to the concert on Sunday, “I’m sure that is would be fun and I’ll do my best.”

*** After the interview he rushed to the next rehearsal at GMM Company building in Bangkok.

credit :

Source: Pantip and Mcot


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sawan Biang Ep. 7

Caps and descriptions DONE but no grammar check yet. LOL>

Psycho bitch Leela finally confesses to Kawee that she loves him. EWWW...that's your son. Well not really, he's the stepson. BUT Still!!! EWWWW.

When Kawee passed out on the couch, bitch even kissed him. Kid witnessed the whole thing and almost had a heart attack. Well if he didn't have a heart attack, I would have had it for him. Kid realizes that Kawee was telling the truth this whole time and his wife is a psycho bitch.

Also, FINALLY, everyone is starting to push Kawee away. Sam is giving him the cold shoulders when he usually puts up with Kawee's tantrums.

Kid dies at the end (WOOT, WOOT) I think what killed him was Leela. When Kawee told his father that Leela kissed him, Leela lied in front of Kid's face that she didn't. Kid, who witnessed the whole thing, was heart broken. His son is a total douche and his wife is a psycho bitch. The weight became to much and he has a heart-attack.

Narin is starting to have pregnancy symptoms.

It's so sad to see Kawee and Narin interact। Kawee doesn't know how to show affection so he uses brute force to show it. Kawee really has issues.

Kid:"What is your relationship with Narin?"

Kawee with a mocking smirk:"well, technically, I would have to call her Aunt Rin because she is your new wife's sister!"

Kid stands up. He is irritated by Kawee's smart ass response.

Kid:"Don't be a smart ass. I asked you nicely. Why can't you answer nicely and truthfully. What is your relationship with Narin?"

Kawee shouts:"Why do you want to know anyways? Why did you ask me here? To accuse me of doing bad again?"

Kid:"I'm not accusing you. I never wanted to ask you this EVER, if I didn't see you last night leaving Narin's room!"

---Don't you just love how they zoomed into Kawee's stunned face. LOVE IT! The stunned, "I just got caught" look is the third pic.

Kid continues:"I've never thought you would think of doing something so vile. If you don't respect me because I don't "gah-lee" (honor?) you. You should respect Rin's honor. She has a mother and a father. When you do something, why don't you think how she feels!"

Kawee doesn't want to be defeated:"why do I have to care about her feelings? When others do something to me, have they ever thought about how I feel? Even you, Father! When I got punch, you even yelled at me. When I left Narin's room, you automatically think I did something to her. How come you don't think that she might have lured me in."

---Kawee is a DOUCHE!!! I wonder how many times I have to say that.

Kid:"Because she's not that type of person!"

Kawee:"Okay, that's right. I'm bad anyways. I'm always wrong in your eyes."

Kid shouts back:"I accept it, I've never supported you. You suspected it for a long time. Why didn't you try to please me? Why didn't you be normal? Why didn't you be a good child like other people's children? Why do you always cause problems for me? I know the reason why you are like this is because of me. When your mother passed away, I was not a good father to you. I spent the hours I should have been spending with you doing selfish things. The more you acted up to get my love and attention, I responded more to your actions than my love for you. Kawee, if I was a father, who thought about scheduling more time with you. If I understood you more, you would not be like this. I accept it ALL."

--Finally Kid admits he is a bad father.

Kawee:"Why did you think about saying this now? Do you think that saying this now will make me become a better person?"

Kid:"I'm saying this now because I'm hopeful. I accept it all. I don't want you to hurt Narin. She has nothing to do with this. I know you want to take revenge on Leela but you have to sympathize with Narin's feelings. She is a person! Don't treat her like she is not a human being. Don't you pity her? You are currently destroying Narin's life. If you don't think of her, if you don't love her, you have to let her GO."

Kawee:"Fine! I can let Narin go. First, you have to let Leela go too. When you stop messing with that woman, I will release Narin!"

Kid:"One day you will feel sorry for what you have DONE!"

Kid's words pierced a hole in Kawee's conscious.

At the flower shop, Narin's co-workers jokes that Narin and Kawee are giks (dating stage but not officially together yet).

She is upset and yells at them.

"Me and Kawee have nothing going on!!"

Narin crying because the thought of being connected to Kawee just repulses her.

Pat looking at the pictures from the party. Pat recognizes the necklace Narin is wearing because she picked it out. Pat begins to suspect that the mystery girl from the beach house is Narin.

Pat becomes curious about Leela and Kawee's problems.

She calls up Tom and tries to get more info about Kawee's family situation.

At first Tom doesn't want to talk about it.

Tom:"You should ask someone else. The story between Leela and Kawee, I don't want to talk about it. Excuse me"

He tries to leave.

Pat tries to stop him:"If you don't tell me, there could be more problems for Rin. I don't know how you feel about Rin but I'm guessing you are very concern about her. You know one person can not help her out."

Tom:"What makes you think you can help her?"

Pat shakes her head:"I don't think I can help her by myself, but if we join forces...because I know Kawee very well."

Tom:"Why do you care about this issue so much?"

Pat hands over the photos of Kawee and Narin at the party to Tom.

Pat:"The necklace that Narin is wearing is the necklace that Kawee asked me to help pick out. He told me that he's buying it for the younger sister of his enemy. Also, Leela called me up to talk about the girl who I heard when I called Kawee on the day that Narin was missing. Kawee also looked extremely happy that everyone was confuse by the events that have happened.

I don't know if Wee did it on purpose or unintentionally. But I was pulled into this game even though I didn't want to be a part of it. I never wanted any of this to happen. Even though we're just friends, I love Wee. I also feel extreme pity for him. I don't want Wee to hurt others more than he is doing so. [something, something, I can't make out]."

Tom:"Alright. I will tell you the whole story about Kawee and Lee."

Sam brushes Kawee off. Kawee goes to Pat to vent out his frustration.

"What's up with Sam? He's acting so childish."

Pat:"Were you childish to him first?"

Kawee:"Very good,side with him. You're just like them."

Pat:"Isn't it not the truth. You're acting like a little kid. You're using the past as your temper (You're still angry about the past). You just want to win and you don't care who're hurting. "

Kawee:"What are you talking about. huh? Where did you get this information?"

Pat:"I know about you and Leela."

Kawee:"That scoundrel told you..huh?"

Pat:"No, I suspected it so I investigated it myself. I don't care about the issue between you and Leela. I'm more concern about Narin."

Kawee is stunned and confused:"Why?"

Pat:"Are you sure that Narin is not important to you? When you talked about her, you made me think that she was no good but at the party she looked very beautiful. She is beautiful and elegant and surpasses all the ladies you have dated."

Kawee:"Wah, stop acting as if you know."

Pat:"It's not only me who knows, you know also. If not, you would not be so proud to led her into the party. If you don't believe me, just look at these pics." all the pictures, Kawee was looking at Narin the whole time. He looked very proud to be with Narin.

The office girls talking about Kawee and Narin.

Office girl #1:"So this is Kawee's GF."

Office girl #2:"Don't you know that she is Leela's younger sister."

Office girl #1:"They look very pretty together."

Leela sees the pictures and is shocked to see Narin wearing the necklace.

--I'll call this segment, "When crazy bitch Leela attacks!"

Leela wonders why Narin is yielding to Kawee. Before, Narin used to be brave and now she's so submissive.

Leela:"Rin, what is this all about?" (referring to the pictures)

Narin quietly like a scared child:"I'm sorry."

Leela:"Don't say those words. It will make me more angry. Since you want to apologize, you have to tell me what happen. Why did you come to the party with Kawee? Why do you have to wear the necklace too? Didn't I tell you to return it. Why are you still wearing it? Or are you wearing it to taunt me?"

Narin:"It's not like that. He is forcing me to wear it. I don't want to wear it."

Leela:"Why are you yielding to him? Before you were never like this. You have never yielded to anyone. You are the first to argue, attack, and yell at Kawee. Now, why do you let him beat you down and control you? Why Rin? Why? Or you have changed since Kawee told the truth. Even though I said that if you betray me, we will break ties, you still do it. Do you have any respect for me? Or has Kawee cared for you until you don't see me." ---Leela is implying that Narin has fallen in love with Kawee to the point where she has no love for her like before.

Narin:"It's not like that. I still respect you like always. You might have seen Kawee doing good for me but it's not like that. He has..."

Leela:"What has he done to you? What has Wee done to you? Tell me please."

Narin looks down and weeps a little. She doesn't want to reveal her secret.

Leela wants to know badly:"RIN! Stop crying. Don't cry!Tell me. Tell me."

Leela starts shaking Narin which makes Narin cry even more.

Leela:"Tell me right now!!What has Kawee done to you to make you this way?

Leela continues shakes Narin to make her confess. When Narin's shirt reveals the necklace, Leela becomes enraged.

Leela:"If Kawee can force you, then I can force you too. Take off that necklace right now! I told you to take it off NOW! Didn't you hear me?" ---LEELA is a BITCH!!! GOSH, leave Narin alone. She's your sister for golly sakes.

Narin looks at Leela like a scared sheep being hunted by a pack of wolves. She is defenseless and scared straight.

Leela tries to pull the necklace off and Narin holds on to it to make sure it stays intact.

Leela:"You want to wear this necklace that badly. You see Kawee better than me. Right Lin? Right?"

Narin shakes her head "NO".

Leela tries to pull the necklace away again:"If you don't, then take off the necklace!"

Frustrated that she can't take the necklace away, Leela SLAPS Narin in the face.

Leela:"That crazy necklace, Take it off NOW!"

Kawee interrupts their fight.

Kawee:"You better stop right now! What are you doing?"

It's the Narin Tug-A War. Poor girl!

Kid stops them.

Kid tells Leela to stop harassing Narin because she has been through a lot. Leela is hurt that Kid has lectured her.

Leela:"It's me, who is hurting Narin? It would be better if you keep those words and tell it to your son."

Kawee tries to comfort Narin but does it poorly.

Kawee:"You didn't do anything wrong. Why did you yield to your sister? Did you know you yielded to her too much, that's why she harassed you like this."

Narin:"I yielded because she is my sister. Stop trying to be a person who is "Bah-dum-yu?". It will never work. You want me to hate Leela. You want me to slap her and that will satisfy you. Are you happy now that this has happened to see siblings fighting...I want to tell you, no matter if Leela beats, yells, or anything that is even worst, I will never hate my sister. There is only one person I will hate, it's you."

Kid telling Leela that Narin has changed Kawee.

Kid:'In the past, Kawee might have used Narin as a tool for revenge. Now, Narin is an important person to Kawee. If he does or doesn't know it, it doesn't matter. Narin, has truly changed Kawee."

Of course crazy bitch Leela doesn't want to believe it.

Everyone is hurting at the mansion. Narin is crying in her room and Kawee is drinking to suppress the pain.

Kawee knocks at Narin's room: "I came to get you for dinner."

Narin:"I'm not hungry"

Kawee goes and get the key and goes into Narin's room.

Kawee:"Why aren't you going down to eat?"

Narin:"I'm just not hungry"

Kawee tugs at her belly and asked, "Are you well?"

He gives her a hug from behind.

"Stop messing with me!"

Kawee:"Why can't I mess with're my....." ---he wanted to say wife but paused. LOL.

Narin kicks him out of her room. Leela sees Kawee leaving Narin's room.

Kawee is hurt that Narin is rejecting him. He drinks himself silly.

Leela encounters drunken Kawee in the hallways. She helps him to the couch in the living room. YEP< she kissed him while he was passed out.

Yep, Kid witnessed the whole thing and started having chest pains.

Yep, Kawee jumped up when he realized that Leela was on top of him, giving him a kiss. He was disgusted.

Kid is watching them from his office doorway.

That psycho bitch finally confesses the TRUTH! EWWW.

Kawee points at her:"You better not follow me."

Leela:"Do you hate me that much?"

Kawee:"Yes, I hate you and am disgusted by you."

Leela shaking:"Why Kawee? What have I done wrong? What do I have that makes you unable to love me?"

Kawee:"LOVE? How am I suppose to love you? I can't even stand to look at your face."

Leela:"Kawee! Do you know how much you have hurt me? Before, I thought you were a person who didn't have a heart, who have never cared for anyone, who doesn't know how to love. But the things that you have done to Narin, I have come to realize that you are possessive of her, you are interested in her, you love Rin. Why can't that woman be me? Why? Why can't you love me since I have done everything for you. I have followed you always."----------EWWWWWWW, she needs to be institutionalized.

Kawee is annoyed:"You have done everything for me? You have done everything for yourself. The reason you married my father is because you wanted to win over me. You have never loved my father not even a little."

Leela:"Yes, I married your father because I wanted to win over you. I wanted you to look at me. No matter in what title." ----This is just sad. She just wanted him to look at her. Maybe it is could be as a friend or his stepmother. AWWW and kinda scary. She just wanted his attention.

Kawee:"Even if you died in front of me, I will never look at you. Just because you married my father, you think I will pay any attention to you? You will never be more than my father's wife. It is not important to my life. Next time, don't touch me with your dirty, dirty body ever. It's very uncomfortable."

Kawee:"Also remember this, I have never love your sister one bit, everything has been a game."

Yep, Narin heard everything that Kawee said.

Kawee hurting in his room.

Narin is also hurting.

Everyone is hurting after what they have heard.

Leela is worrying that Kid might have heard everything.

Kid decides to re-write his will.

The next morning, Narin feels a little strange. YEP< girl is experiencing pregnancy symptoms. YES Narin, you have Kawee's spawn growing in your belly.

When Kawee hears from his man servant that Narin is ill, he checks up on her.

Kawee:"You're not feeling well right? I came to see."

Narin:"Don't worry, I'm not dead yet."

Kawee:"I don't want you to die. "

Narin:"That's right, I'm still useful to you. If I die, you will be cut off from your most pleasurable thing."

Kawee:"Have you been thinking too much? "

Narin:"Even if I think too much, I still can't think fast enough compared to other people. Every moment I'm always being taking advantaged of, isn't it true? What plan have you come here with? You want Leela to come in and see us. Who else are you planning to taunt. What are your real intentions?"

She weeps. Kawee lends over and tries to comfort her.

The brother interrupts their tender moment.

Re-writing the will.

Kawee finds out that Kid has re-written his will.

The confrontation that lead to the demise of KID.

Kid stares at Leela.

Leela:"Khun Kid, why are you staring at me?"

Kid:"Leela, Do you still love Kawee?"

Leela is surprised.

Kawee interrupts them before Leela can answer.

Kawee:"You want to win over me that badly to the point where you make my father change his WILL."

Leela:"What? I don't know anything."

Kawee:"I don't believe you."

Leela:"What Will, I don't know any of this. I don't know for reals."

Kid touches Leela hands for comfort.

Kid:"Leela, didn't know about this. It's the truth."

Kawee:"Dad, don't try to protect her. Because either way, I won't believe it."

Kid is having a hard time breathing:"You have to believe! You have to believe because I'm speaking the truth."

Kawee:"You still plan to protect this woman. Do you know yourself? Do you know that your acting like a farmer who is raising a rattle snake. One day, it will bite you until you're dead."

Leela:"I have never had plans to hurt Khun Kid."

Kawee:"You don't think of it, but you do it. Last night, have you forgotten, what you said to me?"

Kid tells Kawee to stop.

Kawee:"I will not stop. Don't you want to hear what your wife has done and what she said to me. She told me that the reason why she married you is because she wanted to win over me. She wanted me to look at her even as your wife. She has never loved you not one bit"

Kid tells him to stop again. At this point, Kid is having severe chest pains and is having trouble breathing.

Kawee:"I wont' stop." He approaches Leela and points at her. "Are you going to come out and say that these comments never came out of your mouth."

Leela in complete distress:"Stop right now. Khun Kawee."

Kawee:"Didn't I tell you dad? Didn't I tell you since the beginning about the wedding. But you've never listen. Up to this day, you are still giving away all your inheritance to that woman."

Leela:"I have never wanted your inheritance. And I don't know anything about the WILL either."

Kawee approaches her and shoves her.

Kawee:"I'm not as stupid as my father."

Leela:"I accept that I married your father because I wanted to win over you. BUT I don't want your inheritance."

Kawee is happy.

Kawee:"Dad, did you hear it? Now you hear it. How is it, the woman you have protected and took the blame for everything? In the end, she sees you as a tool for her revenge against me."

Leela:"STOP Kawee. STOP."

Kid collapses.

Kawee tries to come to his father.

Leela stops him:"Stop right there. Don't come any closer. If anything happens to Khun Kid, it is because of you. You will have to take responsibility."

Kawee runs off. Even in his final hour, Leela takes his father away from him.

Leela apologizes to Kid.

Kid:"I was wrong."

Leela:"It's not your fault. It's not like that. It's my fault. I married you because of a terrible reason. The time I spent with you, the more I got to know you, was the best time of my life. It was the most fortunate time of my life. You made a very normal girl feel like she had value. You have been the only guy who has loved me truly and faithfully. To this day, I have never regretted marrying you. I will never regret it. Please don't abandon me. You have to be alright Khun Kid. Please don't abandon me! Please stay with me."

Kid:"I love you Leela."

Kid calls out to Narin.

Kid:"Narin, listen to me. I'm sorry that I raised my child poorly." He places her hand on his chest.
"From the bottom of my heart, I'm apologizing for Kawee too."

Kid finally dies.

Sam drops a glass of water on Kawee's head. He tells him angrily that Kid has passed away.

Sam punches Kawee for being a bad son.

Pat tries to comfort him. He pushes her away.

Kawee is in complete distressed when he hears his father has passed.

The families and friends mourning the lost of KID.

Everyone is at the temple. Kawee comes home and sits at the spot where his father collapse.

Everyone is surprise to see Kawee at the temple. Kawee pays his last respects to his father. SAD!

Everyone is still stunned that he came.

---Kawee having a good cry in the temple's parking lot.

Leela is still mad at Narin. She doesn't even want to talk to Narin.

Everyone saying their final good-byes to Kid. Narin looks for Kawee. She hopes to see him here too. He never comes.

Kawee doesn't go to the funeral. He wanders around town trying to bury his sorrow.

The end of the day, he stops to cry on a public bench.

Kawee doesn't come home. Narin waits for him.

The next morning, Kawee goes to see Narin at the flower shop. He misses her. He's lonely and depressed about his father's death and needs someone he cares about to comfort him.

Kawee kidnaps Narin for a joyride.

Narin remains quiet while in the car.

Kawee:"Why are you so calm, usually you would be yelling at me."

Narin:"If I make a ruckus, it wouldn't make a difference. You don't notice it."

Kawee:"Do you blame me for my father's death? Everyone is the same. They all think I'm bad. Why don't they look at your sister? Have you ever thought that the reason my father is dead is because of your sister?"

Narin:"I haven't thought about anything like that. Also, I DON'T CARE!"

Kawee is annoyed:"You don't care?"

Narin nonchalantly and coldly:"That's right."

Kawee lends over to her:"You want me to tell others about the time we went to the ocean together?"

Narin looks him straight in the eyes:"Can you stop blackmailing me? I'm tired of your words to the point where I can't endure anymore. You think of death as if it's because of your hatred [something something] Isn't it enough, how many people have to die until you're satisfied. If you want to speak the truth, then speak it. I don't care! From this point on, I will not stay with you and be your "beer-lung" (a person you have hanging around you to vent out your frustration??)"

Narin pulls the necklace off and throws it at Kawee.

He follows her but doesn't catch her.

Narin tells her co-workers and her boss that she is moving out of the mansion.