Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nichkhun has arrive! Thailand, I mean. I'm still adjusting to blogging at blogspot. There certain features I don't like and find inconvenient. Then there are some features, I absolutely adore--I can keep my adsense working as is down. I miss it already.

Back to Nichkhun, he arrives to Bangkok today or maybe a few hours ago. He was greeted by the crazy media, his mother, and younger sister Yanin. Sucks to be him, I can tell by his face he wasn't in the mood to be bombarded with his picture taken and the media. Because he is a professional, he put on a smile. JYP has taught you well Nichkhun.

9 Entertain Interview at the airport:
Newswoman: Our fresh face young man, Nichkhun Horvejkul, who has gone Inter(meaning internationally recognize) in Korea in the group 2PM has return early to Thailand to practice for Christina Aguilar and Mai's concert, "Mai-Tina Beauty On The Beat" coming up this Saturday.

Nichkhun:P'Mai and P'Tina are celebrities I have known since I was young and they are celebrities who are very capable. They are great singers...when I heard I was going to perform a concert with them, I was very excited! I felt very happy and also very honored that they have invited me.

Reporter:Have you talked to P'Mai or P'Tina yet?

Nichkhun:"Today, I have just arrived. I have been practicing on my own and will be using my own music. I have arrive to day and I must go practice with them also.

Reporter:What have you brought for us?--Meaning what will you be performing?

Nichkhun playfully: It's a secret, you have to see it for yourself.

Watch the craziness at Youtube

Buying a ice coffee at Starbucks, looks yummie! I love the face he made, he looked pissed off. He is probably thinking, "come on guys, let me buy a ice coffee in peace." Or maybe I'm just thinking too much. Maybe he likes it.

I want some ice-coffee!

Giving a respectable "wai" to all the media heads. Interview time!

With his mother and younger sister Yanin.

I recognize Ch3, Ch7, TV.Pool, Grammy's new Green Channel, Rakdara, True, Mcot, nearly all of the major Thai media outlets were there. He is loved.

The phone interview for EFM radio:

Credit : K'Pat

Nichkhun gave a telephone interview to EFM radio program in Bangkok on Thursday after a rehearsal for the upcoming concert. This is a summary of the interview.

(**Khunnie is lovely and polite as always.)

DJs: Have you had any break after landing?
Khun: Not really.

DJs: Apart from being a special guest for the concert “TINA-MAI BEAUTY ON THE BEAT CONCERT”, what are your activities planned in Thailand during this trip?
Khun: I will have a photo shooting for a magazine cover, meeting with fans and etc.

DJs: Do you still have a busy time with your band 2PM in Korea at the moment? Is it difficult to arrange the schedules to leave to Thailand?
Khun: Yes, our schedule is quite tight after we released the second mini album, so I leave my team 5-6 days for this trip.

DJs: We have watched 2PM latest MV Again & Again. It shows a great dance composition. Who is the choreographer for this song?
Khun: There are both American and Korean choreographers to help us. Actually, the dance is composted of easy moves but very emotional.

DJs: How about the atmosphere at the airport? Was there a lot of fans welcome you there?
Khun: Yes, I’m surprised; there were many fans and media waiting for me there.

DJs: How do you feel to be on stage as a guest of this concert?
Khun: Yes, I’m excited and honored but I’m not so confident on how good my performance will be. I also prepared a Korean song for this show.

DJs: What is the response of 2PM’s latest single?
Khun: We’ve got a good response, nearly twice times up from the first album because we can see from the number of fans in fan meeting events.

Khun left a message for people who would go to the concert on Sunday, “I’m sure that is would be fun and I’ll do my best.”

*** After the interview he rushed to the next rehearsal at GMM Company building in Bangkok.

credit :

Source: Pantip and Mcot

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